Holistic Core Restore®

At the heart of my business is the fabulous Holistic Core Restore® suite of programmes.

I am still able to offer these via 1:1  and group Zoom sessions.

These programmes ensure you are able to exercise and recover well if pelvic health is a concern.

Click on the images below to be taken to the relevant section of the Kate Smart Fitness website.

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Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman Programme can be found here.

If you are recovering from C-Section please click here.

If you want bespoke focus on your diastasis recti (tummy gap) please click here.

FITTER, FASTER, STRONGER - 12 weeks of upping your game, upping the intensity and upping the effort because you have built your foundation so well. Please click here.

The very best foundation for your new or existing running or walking habit, designed by a leading women's health physio specifically designed with women's bodies in mind.