Effective, safe workouts for women

I'm Kate Smart, a Women's fitness and wellness coach based in Teddington, South West London. Let's keep you fit for life.

At-Home Wellness

Keeping fit and strong when in the home can be a challenge but it is so worth it. The happy hormones, mind distraction and of course health benefits will set you up to feel great for the day. Trust me – it’s the same for me!

Devoted to well-being for all women

Whether you are joining live streamed classes, accessing an increasing library of sessions or choosing to work 1:1 with me remotely or in-pereson on a bespoke female specific programme, it’s all here.

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Get moving!

Workout live with me and fellow participants or using pre-recorded videos at home and at whatever time of day or night suits you and your lifestyle.

Workouts are easily accessible via phone, tablet or laptop so you can easily follow along.

Highly effective, time efficient and minimal equipment sessions to get your heart rate up and work the whole body.

Ready to get the fitness you want around the life you lead?

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