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A reminder of the live Zoom Classes

Holistic Core Restore® Heat

Jump free, pelvic floor friendly intervals class.

Holistic Core Restore® Rel-Ease

30 minutes of mobilsations, releases and a stress relieving ‘reset’

Tone Up Express

30 minutes of low impact toning, perfect pre work or school run. My aim id for you to feel strong and energised without the need for a shower and blowdry!

Energy Reboot®

Originally aimed at the mid-life woman, a challenging class aimed at increasing heart and bone health whilst being mindful of peri-menopausal concerns.

Holistic Core Restore® Heat Express

Jump free, pelvic floor friendly intervals class

Friday Intensive Training (Express)

Bringing the outdoors in. My longstanding high intensity interval class, in a pre-work / school run, shorter format (30mins)

The 10am 60 minute class has returned to Bushy Park

NB Must be confident in pelvic floor function.