4 weeks of Fitness 2024

What is it?

4 weeks of structured, supportive fitness training

Suitable for beginners through to regular exercisers

Each year as the school summer holidays approach and many of us feel as though regular habits and routines become trickier, I develop a programme that puts you on your own ‘to do’ list.

Many of us plan days out, take holidays and work out how to keep everyone entertained, happy and healthy, but our needs often come last.

This summer, I have created another 4 Weeks of Fitness programme to either complement your regular exercise or as a stand alone fitness programme. This year it has been designed to be doable with minimum equipment so it can be completed whilst away on holiday. You can also add weights to make it more of a resistance programme.

It comprises of 3 recorded workouts per week (12 in total) aimed at increasing your fitness and endurance, building more resilience in your muscles, bone density with the flexibility of being able to do the sessions anywhere!

As you are working out how to keep everyone happy over the holidays, why not self gift and join me this summer for 4 Weeks of Fitness, starting Monday July 29th July 2024.

Who is it suitable for?

This is NOT a postnatal programme, instead, effective, fun exercise for un-injured women with a restored pelvic floor and core.

  • on payment I will email you a link to a pre-exercise questionnaire.
  • you need to be at least six months postnatal to enrol.

What you will need

Most of this programme can be completed using just your own bodyweight, however a few of the sessions use a short, looped mini band and you can add dumb bells to the workouts should you wish to.

How to sign up


Pay using PayPal

Simply click the Paypal link below to make the ONE OFF payment of £32.


Complete short health questionnaire

On receipt, I will send you the link to the pre-exercise questionnaire.


Join Whatsapp group

I will add you to the private Whatsapp group. All exercise sessions will be shared within the group and via a weekly email.

** Please note, those already paying for access to the Online Video Library and / or monthly payments for regular classes will automatically gain access to these videos and are welcome to join the Whatsapp group for 'live' accountability.

Please click here to read Terms and Conditions.

Ready to get sign up?

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“Completed! Really enjoyed all the workouts, their duration and being able to do them whenever fitted was just perfect”

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